So, Hats Off To The Bull…

Ever had a shitty month?  I mean a REALLY shitty month, one where, SERIOUSLY, you are exhausted from just thinking about it? 

That’s how my 2012 has started off.  MY year.  MY adventure to conquer.  MY dream come true…

I won’t bore you with the details, nor give you the pleasure of future ammunition.  But, I will admit that it has sucked.  It’s been rough.  It’s pretty close to being the worst ever.

But it could be worse.  I could have lost my mother today.  I could be facing losing my father.  I could be watching a daughter, vibrant with life today, but not enjoy it as much as I should because I have the constant and painful worry that her Cancer could return and take all that happiness away. Or I could have just lost a child, and be left to ask why. Image

So, hats off to the bull.  Or in my case, bulls.  Bring on the struggles.  I’m geared up for the pain.   Just don’t think you’re going to get me to stop wearing red. Because if there’s anything to be learned by the reality of life, it’s that you have to live it, before it’s gone.  

The woman dying from Cancer didn’t stop fighting to watch her sons grow up.  The father with a new Cancer diagnosis didn’t waiver in his faith.  The mother whose daughter is in remission denies admission to worry and enjoys the moment. The mother still allows her heart to have love, and loves with all her heart.  

“To be monumental

Could mean the beyond

The simpler the treasure

Means the higher the cost

Well as for the ending,

damn right I’m learning”



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2 thoughts on “So, Hats Off To The Bull…

  1. i love u alisha i miss u very much alot of this was hard to swallow but i know ur intentions are with the most love and i enjoy ur thoughts and the journey in to your heart

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